Flavours from the
Murphys Ice Cream Kitchen
Our most popular flavours are available in shops from Kerry
to Dublin and beyond in our 500ml tubs:

brioscaíCookies and Cream
We grew up with this classic and still can’t get enough. Full
of Oreo biscuits crushed just so.

caramal - Honeycomb
How do we create the decadent caramel taste of this
best- selling flavour? We make our own silky caramel sauce
from scratch and add lots of crunchy caramel bits.

fanaile - Vanilla
Boring? Hardly. We use a complex blend of vanilla beans,
in our rich custard base. This flavour won medals at the
Great Taste Awards in the UK three years running.

mangó - Mango Sorbet (dairy-free)
Luscious mango with a good hint of orange.

risíní - Rum Raisin
We soak sultanas in Jamaican rum overnight before
adding them to the ice cream with even more rum.

seacláid - Pure Chocolate
Chocolate in all its simple and magnificent luxury.

sú craobh - Raspberry Sorbet (dairy free)
One of our best sellers and one of our favourites. Packed
with pureed raspberries, it is simply divine.
In our Dingle and Killarney shops and for our restaurant customers, we have
crafted a huge number of ice creams. We always display 16 flavours in our
scooping cabinets. Along with the classics, you'll find some interesting ones for

Some of our recent favourites are Dingle Sea Salt, Burnt Caramel, Pink
Champagne Sorbet, Dark Chocolate with handmade chocolate chips, Brown
Bread, Fresh Mint, and Kilbeggan Whiskey.
One of the things that
makes our ice cream
taste so good is that
we use fresh, local milk
from the endangered
Kerry Cow.

This indigenous species
is renowned for its
thick, creamy, and
delicious milk, but has
fallen out of favour
since its output in terms
of volume doesn't
match other breeds.
Milseoga Uí Mhurchú Teo. Sráid na Trá, Daingean Uí Chúis, Co. Chiarraí, Éire