Ice cream that knows where it's coming from


All of our ice creams contain eggs and milk.

Our sorbets are egg- and dairy-free but may contain traces.

All of our ice creams may contain traces of peanuts or nuts. The peanut or nut flavours definitely do contain peanuts or nuts.

Our cones and hot chocolates contain soya, as do certain flavours, such as chocolate chip. All our ice creams could contain traces of soya.

All the of the ice cream may contain traces of gluten. Flavours such as Brown Bread do contain gluten.

The alcohol flavours contain real alcohol.

Our ice cream is pasteurised.

If in doubt about allergies, please ask!!!


Nutritional Information


A small ice cream is approximately 140ml. A small sea salt ice cream is approximately 156 kcal (in a tub, not a cone).

A medium ice cream is approximately 220ml. A medium sea salt ice cream would be approximately 240 kcal (in a tub, not a cone).


See below for the nutritional info of some of our popular flavours.


SEA SALT ICE CREAM:Typical values per 100mlEnergy: 456 kj /109 kcalTotal Fat: 10.4gSaturated fat: 4.3gCarbohydrate: 8.8gProtein: 2.6gSodium: <1g  TOASTED OATS:Typical values per 100mlEnergy 519 kj /124 kcalTotal Fat 10.9gSaturated fat: 4.3gCarbohydrate: 12.2gProtein: 2.1gSodium: <1g  RASPBERRY SORBET:Typical values per 100mlEnergy: 397 kj /95 kcalTotal Fat: .1gSaturated fat: 0gCarbohydrate: 24.5gProtein: .2gSodium: <1g


CHOCOLATE:Typical values per 100mlEnergy 485 kj /116 kcalTotal Fat 11.4gSaturated fat: 4.7gCarbohydrate: 8.3gProtein: 2.8gSodium: <1g  HONEYCOMB:Typical values per 100mlEnergy 506 kj /121 kcalTotal Fat 10.9gSaturated fat: 4.3gCarbohydrate: 11.7gProtein: 2gSodium: <1g  KERRY CREAM:Typical values per 100mlEnergy 456 kj /109 kcalTotal Fat 10.8gSaturated fat: 4.3gCarbohydrate: 8.9gProtein: 2gSodium: <1g